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After School Program

Looking for a safe and enriching after-school program for your kids? Look no further! Our program offers peace of mind by providing transportation from school and ensuring your children are in a secure environment. Our team of experienced teachers provides top-notch homework assistance and engaging lessons in math, science, English, and art. Give your child a head start and join us for an educational adventure!

Homework Help

We provide homework assistance for students to make sure the students completely finish their homework on time.

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Fun Curriculum

Experiencing fun after school curriculum, such as advanced math, English, art, hand-made project, and computer science

Entertaining Science Experiment

Fun physics and chemistry experiment that the kids can learn physics and chemistry in advance

Great Learning Environment

Kids can learn and study in a great environment surround by students in the same grade level

Excellent Teacher

Our teacher has patience and knowledge in assisting homework and encourage the kids to learn new knowledge

Reassuring Afterschool Care

We care our students not only academically, but physically and mentally. Kids will not only learn knowledge in a great environment, but being warmly cared by our teacher.

What You Can Expect

We're not claiming to have all the answers or to be miracle teachers. Instead, we're a dedicated team committed to creating a supportive and joyful learning environment for your children. You can expect caring individuals who are enthusiastic about helping kids thrive academically and personally.

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