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Your Child Is in Great Hands


Our Story

Ivy Leaf Academy believes that all children deserve a positive, encouraging learning environment that builds their academic, social, and emotional well-being. We empower students, families, and communities by growing lifelong learners that embrace all types of learning.

We are now accepting a limited amount of new education school students! If you are a parent who wants your child to have awesome grades, learn new skills, and make new friends then keep reading about how we represent a top education School Program in Chino Hills, California!

Meet Our Team

Our team is made up of enthusiastic education professionals who bring strong academic skills and effective classroom management techniques to build up the confidence of students in all grades!

Mr. Darryl
Academic Director

Mr. Darryl has taught Kindergarten to Grade 5 and currently teaches the 4/5th Grade Class! Mr. Darryl works to improve the academic programing of Ivy Leaf and engages with students, staff, and parents to promote a supportive academic environment.


Ms. Marie
Academic Director

Ms. Marie has worked in education for over 14 years. Working for a California school district, notably, she worked for a nonprofit organization that focused on literacy and closing the achievement gap for children in rural communities. When Ms. Marie isn’t working with children, she’s writing, reading, or spending time with her family including her beautiful grandbabies Violette, Remi, and Santiago. Ms. Marie has always had a love for working with children and considers her faith, family, and working with children to be most important to her.

Ms. Jackie
Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Jackie brings a smile and exceptional academic programming to Kindergarten. Ms. Jackie teaches positive social and emotional learning by being an excellent role model supported with curriculums that promote healthy communication in young children.


Ms. Leslie 1st Grade Teacher

Ms. Leslie teaches with project based learning. Her curriculums are designed to build students knowledge of reading, writing, numbers, and history through fun activities. She promotes kindness, neatness, and team work to her students everyday.

Ms. Shirley

Ms. Shirley connects families to teachers! Ms. Shirley assists parents through the registration process, offers excellent customer service and is guaranteed to make any shy student leave with a smile.


Mr. Landon G.3rd Grade Teacher

Mr. Landon loves to teach English and history with lessons that challenge students to think critically about themselves and others around them. Students enjoy Mr. Landon’s freindly and inviting classroom.

Ms. Karen J.Chinese Teacher

Ms. Karen offers her Chinese language learning class to all grades twice a week. Students practice reading, writing, and speaking in Chinese with fun learning activites developed by Ms. Karen.


Mr. Max M.Coding Teacher

Mr. Max uses iPads and laptops to build students knowledge of coding using programs like Scratch, Scratch Jr., and Python. He creates lesson plans that naturally progress from simple coding language to advanced coding mechanics.

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